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Marcos Echeverría Ortiz, Media Studies ’21, Talks About “Where We Were Safe” for The Latinx Project

Marcos Echeverría Ortiz, Media Studies ’21, recently wrote a piece about his thesis project for The Latinx Project at NYU. His thesis project entitled “Where We Were Safe”: Mapping Resilience in the 1970s Salsa Scene is an ongoing interactive oral history archive that focuses on collecting memories about the lost and destroyed Salsa music places in New York City.

The Latinx Project at New York University explores and promotes U.S. Latinx Art, Culture and Scholarship through creative and interdisciplinary programs. Founded in 2018, it serves as a platform to foster critical public programming and for hosting artists and scholars. They are especially committed to examining and highlighting the multitude of Latinx identities as central to developing a more inclusive and equitable vision of Latinx Studies.

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