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SMS Faculty Marcus Turner Serves as Guest Curator for “Jazz on Film” series at The Carr Center

MARCUS TURNER, Director of Undergraduate Media Studies Programs will serve as a guest curator, joining Juanita Anderson, Carr Center Resident Artist and a noted film director, for “Jazz on Film,” a new five-part seres with weekly screenings and discussions at The Carr Center.

The series runs through November 2, 2021. Register for Tickets.

About the event: Since their early beginnings in the late 19th Century and their rise to mainstream popularity in the 1920’s, film and the African American music known as jazz have shared parallel and often intersecting histories. Jazz on Film explores the symbiotic relationship between these two great art forms through short films that feature jazz as performance, as soundtrack, as theme and inspiration for innovative film stories and forms. From the early years of sound-on-film through contemporary storytelling, we invite viewers to experience jazz across a broad range of film genres and forms.

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