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Student Work Highlight: The Multicultural Oatmeal

People who arrive in the United States face many shocks when it comes to cultural differences. The food tastes awful. There’s a gap in relations between young and old. Even people who look similar to these immigrants—same skin color, same hair, living in the same


Student Work Highlight: Sidewalking

Sidewalking is an intimate and relatable journey that takes a look at sidewalks as spaces where people connect to the world through the eyes of anonymity created by TNS Alum Maria Gabriela Torres. This film is the director’s personal reflection on how a simple daily


Student Work Highlight: Smile

This project was developed during Ramu Dhara’s Media Design (NMDS 5008) course, which until that point had been Alyssa Aquino’s first creative class. The goal was to make the presentation somber, while in some way hopeful. In the end, she prefers audiences to make their



NONHUMANS NYC was developed by students Jeffrey Marino, Mariann Asayan, and Rami Saab in Professor Shannon Mattern’s Urban Intelligence (NMDS5676) course. NONHUMANS | NYC guides the user in a directed experience ‘connecting’ with three iconic NYC animals. The process of bridging the experiential gap is

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Student Work Highlight: Miss New York

Miss New York is a web series about two Scandinavian girls spending the summer in New York. The series tackles subjects such as love, sex, friendship, and becoming an adult. A major part of the series is that the characters are very active and present


Student Work Highlight: Rachel Is Here

Background: This 360 video project was developed in the Writing and Directing: Script to Screen (NMDS 5254) with Media Studies Program Director Vlad Nikolic by Macha Rose. Students were expected to write a full script and develop two scenes to be filmed. Due to the flexibility of this traditional


Student Work Highlight: In Transit – above and below

In Transit: above and below This work was developed in Filmmaking Studio 1 (NFLM 3660) with Professor Kathleen Rugh. In Transit: above and below is a stop-motion short film recording of filmmaker Erica Sheu’s almost-two-hour route from home to school. It is also a portrait of


Student Work Highlight: Bitten

Bitten This work was developed in Writing and Directing: Script to Screen (NMDS 5254) with Media Studies Program Director Vlad Nikolic. Bitten is a story about a woman who is a victim of domestic violence and her struggle to find her inner strength to get her life


Student Work Highlight: Die-O-Rama

Die-O-Rama Background: This work was developed in Writing and Directing Script to Screen (NMDS 5254) with the Media Studies Program Director Vlad Nikolic. Die-O-Rama is a treatment for a full length horror comedy based in the world of New York art schools. In addition to


Student Work Highlight: Formar Art

Created by Altay Yildiz, a Master of Science in Media Management graduate, Formar Art bridges the gap between technology and fine art, giving artists a new medium through Augmented Reality mobile technology. Formar Art serves and strengthens New York art galleries by becoming a centralized mobile


Student Work Highlight: AWOL

AWOL is an augmented reality platform that provides easy implementation of content, immersive city tours and virtual pop up shops to create site specific experiences.  Created by Jelena Gregov and  Moreno Belic, both MA Media Studies ’17 graduates, the project has been accepted by the


Student Work Highlight: Swan Song

  Promotional image for Swan Song provided by I. Myakotin This documentary project, by class of 2016 student, Igor Myakotin follows, Van, a 86-year-old carpenter from Brooklyn who dreams of sailing the world until he dies and swims with the fishes for eternity. The project


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