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2018-2019 School of Media Studies Graduate Award Recipients

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients! STUDENT SPEAKERS Mobosola Oyinlola Asanpaola, Master of Arts in Media Studies Skyla Joori Choi , Master of Science in Media Management MEDIA STUDIES DISTINGUISHED THESIS AWARD Kai Orion Baldwin, Trans Avatars: Gender Performance in Virtual Worlds Alessandra Paige Mularoni, Biomedicine

Alumni Work Highlight: Hispanic Transmedia Storytelling

SMS Alum and Colombian media consultant Andrés Bayona created a transmedia storytelling proposal, as a Media Management capstone, to support Univision increase its viewer engagement, by developing a concrete strategy based on research, studies and surveys, as well as the principles that he learned during

We want to highlight your work!

  Help us highlight your work! The School of Media Studies, is working to archive and highlight exceptional student work. Please let us know about audio, research, journalism, video, digital design, curated art, capstone, thesis, business plans, social media, blog, photography, or other creative/entrepreneurial projects