MA Thesis Proposal Timeline

MA Thesis Proposal Timeline

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MA in Media Studies
Thesis Proposal Timeline
FALL 2016 and SPRING 2017

What follows is a recommended schedule that we hope will enable you to meet the fixed and final semester deadlines for complete, approved thesis proposals at the start of the 15th week of the semester. **Note that the weeks of Thanksgiving in the Fall and Spring Break in the Spring are skipped in the 15 week count**   You and your advisors can work together to develop your own timeline, provided that you still adhere to the final deadline.

The completed proposal deadlines are:

Fall 2016 (F): Monday, Dec 12, 5pm

Spring 2017 (S): Monday, May 8, 5pm

  • Weeks 1 – 6

F: August 29 – Oct 7 / S: January 23 – March 3

Work with your thesis committee regularly to discuss development and revisions.

  • Week 7 (or earlier)

F: October 10 – 14 / S: March 6 – 10

The Primary Advisor deems your proposal ready for review by the

Second Reviewer; you submit the proposal to the Second Reviewer for his/her comments.

  • Week 8 (or earlier)

F: October 17 – 21/ S: March 13 – 17

You, your Primary Thesis Advisor, and your Second Reviewer schedule a Thesis Proposal Review Meeting. During that meeting, the Second Reviewer provides feedback and all present establish a plan for revision.

  • Week 10 (or earlier)

F: Oct. 31 – Nov. 4 / S: April 3 – April 7

You make the requested revisions, and the Primary Advisor approves the complete, fully revised proposal. You collect signatures from both committee members.

The Department cannot collect signatures on your behalf. Off-site students and students working with off-campus advisors should make special arrangements to obtain the requisite signatures via email and/or fax. Please ask advisors to submit this documentation to you – not to the Department; you must then include the documentation with your complete proposal.


  • Week 15 (or earlier)

F: December 12/ S: May 8

You submit the complete, fully revised thesis proposal, signed by your Thesis Advisor and Second Reader in digital form to the Thesis Coordinator. Please consult the Thesis Handbook for format instructions.


Registration for the following semester

You register for Thesis Tutorial Lab when your completed and approved Proposal is submitted (the lab a one-    

credit onsite/online class that meets every other week – please check the semester CourseGuide for schedule)   

for the following semester.  **This may be done during early registration if your proposal is complete then**

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