Month August 2015

PIRT at SIGGRAPH LiveBlog Final Day

Tweets about #pirtsiggraph since:2015-08-13 Thursday, August 13th – 10:40 pm PDT Hi again, everyone! So the dust on our final day at SIGGRAPH 2015 has settled a little bit but not completely. The team definitely has more to share in summation… Continue Reading →

PIRT at SIGGRAPH LiveBlog Day 6

Tweets about #pirtsiggraph since:2015-08-12 Wednesday, August 12th – 7:05 pm PDT Approaching closing time, so here’s thanking all of my PIRT colleagues, all of our guests visiting us in our booth, and you for reading! Another day of experiences are now… Continue Reading →

PIRT at SIGGRAPH LiveBlog Day 5

Tweets about #pirtsiggraph since:2015-08-11 Tuesday, August 11th – 5:35 pm PDT Another great day at SIGGRAPH 2015 is coming to a close. This is David signing off, bye for now!   Tuesday, August 11th – 4:25 pm PDT A report from PIRT… Continue Reading →

PIRT at SIGGRAPH LiveBlog Day 4

Tweets about #pirtsiggraph since:2015-08-10 Monday, August 10th – 5:20 pm PDT A steady stream of visitor traffic into our booth this afternoon (including a surprise visit from my MOM!). We are meeting guests who are learning about the Quilt for the… Continue Reading →

PIRT at SIGGRAPH LiveBlog Day 3

Tweets about #pirtsiggraph since:2015-08-09 Sunday, August 9th – 5:40 pm PDT Wrapping up things in our booth now. It’s been a great opening day for us. Looking forward to meeting more people tomorrow.   Sunday, August 9th – 3:20 pm… Continue Reading →

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