Susa Pop Group 2

Nicholas Mason
Iimani McKnight
Jewel Li
Ryosuke Date
Sean Landers

Wareham Williams – Group 1

Joanna Arcieri
Adam Bastien
Rachel Mossberg
Marquis Wimberly

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Wareham Williams – Group 2

Jelena Gregov
Elyse Marcus

Shannon Smith
Tanya Somasundaram
Sarah Cerio-Stokes

Peace Is Not “Kumbaya, My Lord”

In today’s society the phrase “world peace” is often associated with individuals who do not have a clear understanding of the complexity it holds. Frequently, this phrase is used as an advertisement to gain support. For instance, a woman competing in a beauty pageant will use the phrase as a generic answer in the hope of gaining votes. However, when the notion of “world peace” is referenced by Jody Williams and Mary Wareham, it has nothing to do with the idea of utopia; as Williams said during her famous TED talk, peace is not “Kumbaya, my Lord.” Instead, it has everything to do with actions of hard work and commitment. On October 20, 2014, in an Understanding Media Studies lecture, Williams and Wareham spoke about their tireless efforts to spread peace throughout the world.

Benjamen Walker – Group 1

Fatima Sesay
Latoya Johnson
Moreno Belic
Mahreen Ali

Understanding Benjamen Walker

A title like “Theory of Everything” sounds random at first, but it is clear that the podcast’s emphasis is on technology and its influence on our culture. Finding connections where seemingly none could be made is perhaps Benjamen Walker’s most appealing talent. Walker, the man behind ToE, offers simple advice: One must believe in the human voice. It is the guiding force behind the intimacy of the podcast, enabling it to establish an instant and heartfelt connection with the listener. This is the fundamental rule that Walker holds tightly while engaging with his listeners. He loves different accents, different perspectives and different angles to view the world, but what is most striking about Walker’s work is the narrative – the crests and troughs – and its ability to convey the diversity of human voices.

Benjamen Walker – Group 2

Viannie Bell
Sean Finnegan
Paola Piers-Torres
Evan Luis Solana-Cardona