Re/Lens: Still Image Gallery

By in Retreats on May 8, 2015

Friday-Saturday, March 27-28, 2015 at Union Docs.

Re/Lens workshop, conducted by Amir Husak and Melissa Friedling

DESCRIPTION: Workshop participants worked in a group of three (3) to creatively exploit artifacts and idiosyncrasies of both digital and analog systems. Retrofitting a variety of vintage lenses and other peculiar optics, they produced hybrid analog/digital images that challenge the prevailing, medium-induced aesthetics. The main objective of these exercises was to explore the space between digital and analog, vintage and contemporary, simulated and real, and aim for new aesthetic possibilities.

by Rick Logue, Ariana Lujan, Luz Zamora, Kelly Baker, Stefano Ortiz, Gilberte Saint-Preux, Alejandro Jaramillo, Tobias Moellenbach

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